Sam Sutherland | Author of Perfect Youth

Producer at AUX. Formerly MTV Canada. Writer at Walrus, National Post, Maisonneuve. Author of Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk. Banger at Junior Battles.
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Took this #selfie with a fully passed out #drunk #stranger at #theex. #latergram via Instagram

Crew Love Year Two. #OVOFest via Instagram

Finished They Came From Within and fell into a deep hole of Canadian horror VHS box art.

Masks, mystery, musical anonymity. New episode of This Exists.

Second best John Carpenter movie, most fun AUX show.

Zolar X claimed to be from another planet and spoke their own language. 1973 - possibly the first anonymous band?

Have you ever been listening to a normal song and thought, “I really wish this normal song had 280 million notes and took up 1.1 terabytes of data and was literally unplayable on any computer?” My favourite episode of This Exists yet.

Klaatu - the Toronto band people thought were secretly Beatles in 1976.

Finally reading Caelum Vatnsdal’s They Came From Within. Fantastically detailed history of Canadian horror cinema problematically demanding constant Googling of movie posters like this.

  1. Sunbather by Deafheaven
  2. Yeezus by Kanye West
  3. The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You by Neko Case
  4. I Hate Music by Superchunk
  5. Entrench by KEN Mode
  6. Hungry Ghost by Violent Soho
  7. Blame Confusion by Solids
  8. One Of Us Is The Killer by Dillinger Escape Plan
  9. The Chronicles of Marnia by Marnie Stern
  10. Days Are Gone by Haim
  11. The Bronx IV by the Bronx
  12. Night Time, My Time by Sky Ferreira
  13. The Constant One by Iron Chic
  14. Ideal Cities by Roomrunner
  15. Trap Lord by A$AP Ferg
  16. How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident by Future of the Left
  17. Old by Danny Brown
  18. Party Crasher by A Wilhelm Scream
  19. Uzu by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
  20. Colored Sands by Gorguts
  21. My Name Is My Name by Pusha T
  22. Memorial by Russian Circles
  23. Long.Live.A$AP by A$AP Rocky
  24. Revocation by Revocation
  25. Is Survived By by Touche Amore
  1. Shrek and our culture of trash by John Semley. Ostensibly a review of a small Toronto theatre company’s production of Shrek: The Musical, there was no better wholesale dismantling of the entirety of pop culture written this year. Also it is insane. 
  2. "Dennis, We’ve Been Crying Too Much": Dr. Hook and the Untold Story of the Best Rock Movie Ever Made by Will Sheff. Best music writing of the year. Like the strongest possible version of what makes Michael Azerrad’s Talkhouse project so strong. Very strong. 
  3. Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie by Stephen Rodrick. Akin to being a teenager, finishing Of Mice and Men, and realizing what a profoundly doomed life we all lead. But with celebrities and porno and Bret Easton Ellis
  4. Desert Bus: The Very Worst Video Game Ever Created by Simon Parkin. “The game cannot be paused. The bus carries no virtual passengers to add human interest, and there is no traffic to negotiate.” No fate but what we make for ourselves.
  5. Let Me Introduce Myself: Farewell to Mobutu Sese Seko by Jeb Lund. Self-doxxing cautionary tale and modern culture parable.