Sam Sutherland | Author of Perfect Youth

Producer at AUX. Formerly MTV Canada. Writer at Walrus, National Post, Maisonneuve. Author of Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk. Banger at Junior Battles.
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Saw this for the first time today. It is possible I am related to my dad I guess. #tbt via Instagram

No, your band bought flavoured vapour cigarettes on tour in Montreal. #vape #bros via Instagram

Took this #selfie with a fully passed out #drunk #stranger at #theex. #latergram via Instagram

Crew Love Year Two. #OVOFest via Instagram

Finished They Came From Within and fell into a deep hole of Canadian horror VHS box art.

Masks, mystery, musical anonymity. New episode of This Exists.

Second best John Carpenter movie, most fun AUX show.

Zolar X claimed to be from another planet and spoke their own language. 1973 - possibly the first anonymous band?